Belle Bomboniere - "Momento's To Say That Special Thank You"
Bomboniere & Favor Boxes

Clover Leaf Boxes (sold in 12 packs)

Available in Gloss Ivory, Gloss White, Lime Green, Metallic Gold, Orange and Red.

 : Red

Cone Boxes (Heart End) (sold in 12 packs)

 : Metallic Gold
Metallic Gold
 : Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver

Cone Shaped

 : Classic White
Classic White


Heart Box

Available in Cream Mist, Ebony, Gold Mist, Off White, Rose, Silver
and White Mist.

Heart Box (sold in 12 packs)

 : Gloss Ivory
Gloss Ivory
 : Metallic Silver
Metallic Silver

Medium Hipp Box

Available in Damask Ivory, Hot Chocolate, Buttermilk, Steel Silver and Gloss Goldmine.

 : Damask Ivory
Damask Ivory

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